Physical Therapy

Find Relief With Our Physical Therapy Services

Liz specializes in holistic physical therapy. She creates a personalized plan that diagnoses your needs at their source and provides a roadmap for the full rehabilitation process. Each session at Synapse is one hour of direct care with a licensed physical therapist.

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About the Practice:

In my physical therapy practice, I integrate massage, yoga and teaching into each session to provide you with results in real time. I want to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to sustain health and balance moving forward. My ultimate goal is to get you back on track and feeling like yourself, so that you no longer need my help.

Common diagnoses and problems my clients face:

  • Recovering from surgery, injury or trauma

  • Pelvic floor pain & urinary incontinence

  • Pain in soft tissues or joints

  • Loss of range of motion in joints

  • Loss of muscular strength

  • Diminished balance

Initial evaluation involves:

  • Comprehensive review of health history

  • Analysis of functional movement patterns

  • Assessment of posture, soft tissues, joint mechanics, and strength

  • Discussion of goals and establishing a treatment plan to meet goals

  • Manual therapy including massage, joint mobilization and assisted stretching

  • Exercise program tailored to your needs and ability level

Follow up sessions involve:

  • Manual therapy as indicated

  • Exercise review and progression as appropriate

  • On-going education about the root cause driving the symptoms

  • Goal review and re-setting as needed


Training/education background:

  • Masters of Science in Physical Therapy, UCSF/SFSU, 2005

  • Professional Yoga Therapy Studies, 500 hours, 2013

  • Certified Massage Therapist, 2000

  • Extensive continuing education in orthopedic and neurologic rehabilitation

  • YogaSlackers Certification: Slackline yoga and Partner Acrobatics, 2011

  • Handstands, partner acrobatics and hand balancing training with top international teachers since 2009

  • Yogaslackers Endurance Research Team, 2015