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About the method

Do you get great benefit from massage, but still experience regular pain? Are you ready to move beyond maintaining and begin to feel great in your body? If you sense more is possible, know that it is! Try Biofield Healing Immersion:tm: for yourself . This safe, relaxing experience is hands off, working in the field of energy and information that surrounds your body (and every other living thing). The field, your biofield, holds energy and information from everything that has ever happened to you in your life. During our sessions we will begin the process of effortlessly releasing disturbed patterns of energy in your space that show up in your body, mind, and life as pain and dis-ease. This is a rapid way to help you feel better in your body, at ease and in connection with yourself, and more easily make choices that enhance your well-being. Biofield operates in a different paradigm of health and healing that ancient cultures have long understood and modern science is catching up to: health is your natural state, your whole self is connected, and your body is self-healing given the right conditions.

Try it for yourself

Biofield Immersion is best understood through experience, so you are encouraged to come and try a session with Zoe if you at all resonate with this description or feel curious to know more. Please know that decades of experience show that Biofield works best in a series of at least four sessions over the course of a month, so we offer a discounted package rate for those who are ready to dive in or want to continue the work.

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