Beezer de Martelly

I had a first appointment with Aeryn in April 2022. I came in feeling tight all over, like my body was holding onto lymph and grief, stress and tension, and I wanted support finding more space before a trip to care for ailing family members. From the first moment Aeryn put their hands on me, my body relaxed and found ease. They continued to work out the gnarliest places on my back and in my neck, in my forearms, knowing the exact quirky places where my body holds tension or has a history of injury. I began to feel my blood flow more easily, actually feeling lymph drain, and breathing more deeply and with greater ease. Their pressure was just right for me: firm enough to make sure things actually moved, knots were actually untangled and crunchy places smoothed out, but not so firm that I was in pain (which I’ve experienced before from other bodyworkers). I also appreciated Aeryn’s consent framework at the top of our appointment, where I really trusted that they wanted to hear my limits, needs, comfort levels. As a trans person who can feel anxious in vulnerable settings like this, I found Aeryn grounding and trauma- / queer-informed. Last, I also really vibes with the quiet way Aeryn worked, where I felt invited to speak up if I needed something but where it was also nice to just relax and receive without feeling like I needed to make small talk. I know this is silly, but I really do appreciate knowing it’s ok just just be present. I will be returning and have already recommended Synapse to a friend!