Xuân Mai Võ

Liz Wiliams was recommended to me after I suffered neck and back injuries in a car accident. I have seen many PT practitioners in the past and Liz’s care is the best that I have experienced in my fourteen years of needing body work. As a physical therapist, yoga instructor and active individual, she has an outstanding and critical knowledge of the musculoskeletal system. The sessions are holistic in such that she helps you develop good habits of body and of mind- both needed for successful recovery and maintenance of the abuse we put our bodies through in daily life. She has helped me change both my physical habits and my mindset to maximize healing. The sessions focus on evaluation progress, current issues, stretching, strengthening, massage and posture work. She develops programs that are motivating and flexible, easily adjusted based on how you feel that day or how much time you are willing to dedicate to your “homework.” I am continuing to pursue her services beyond the successful healing from my accident-thanks to her and Stan, my recent injuries were prevented from becoming chronic ones and they have inspired me to appreciate the benefits maintenance care. My long standing physical issues, which I had given up on fixing, have also been greatly improved and continue to do so. Stan’s massage techniques are the most outstanding that I’ve encountered for my needs. Among his many experiences, as a masseuse to professional cyclists and a cyclist himself, he has deep knowledge of myofascial structure and physiology and is able to find and work muscles both directly and indirectly to relieve pain, improve kinetics, and maximize mobility. There’s no trigger point that can hide from Stan. These two practitioners are worth your time, expenses and travel (You deserve it!) There’s free parking at the building and the location is easy to bike to. My doctor is thrilled that I’ve found them. They’ve given me a new lease on life. I am a medical professional, acupuncturist and myofascial trigger point practitioner and I appreciate their knowledge (and tolerance of all my questions and biases) and their dedication to their clients.

Response from the owner

Wow! What a review, Xuân Mai. Thank you for sharing your experiences with Liz and Stan in such detail. We appreciate it and know that future clients will appreciate the time you took to write this as well.
With gratitude,
The Synapse Crew