Karen Gee

It was a last minute decision to treat myself for a massage. This is my first visit to Synapse. After I read some reviews, I picked Ximena. I like how there’s a parking lot in the back of the building, great for a 90 minute massage! I’ve been to some “fancy spa” places with all the bells and whistles, I wasn’t expecting that when I showed up. It’s definitely not a fancy spa place, it’s in a non-discreet building; almost like you’re going in for a doctor’s visit. It definitely fits the bill for a massage place. For the price of the massage, I really don’t need someone at the front desk to check me in. Just sit down quietly and wait for your masseuse! Too bad there’s construction next door, there was tons of drilling and banging noise, but Ximena was great and had me forget about it. I told her I have a high tolerance to pain, so the deeper the better, the technique she did was great (I probably would have gone deeper if I was conscious) I would have to say compared to that “fancy spa” massage, I got a better deal here. Good spot on Pill Hill in Oakland. Go there if you want a massage (booking online is super easy!)