Danielle L

Wow. I am a convert to the church of Tara! She was incredible and kind to work with. I had had a sore neck for weeks, maybe even months. The pain was getting to be too much so I knew I needed to see someone about it. My roommate had seen Tara and came home telling me how fantastic she was and how she was doing structural work like he’d never seen (and he’s had lot of body work in the past and is a physical trainer and really knows the body). When he was that wowed, I knew I had to see Tara.

Working with her was a joy. It was a very collaborative process to work through all the tension, but we worked through all of it and the pain and soreness hasn’t returned and it’s been a couple weeks now. Tara has a gift for treating each muscle and area like an old friend — it was truly sweet. I’ll be back in a couple weeks to work again with Tara. I can’t wait to have her as part of my regular healing practice. She gets me and she gets my body!