arebeth pease

In response to a recent period of situational stress, I did a series of Biofield Immersion bodywork with Zoe. Going in, I didn’t know what to be prepared for, but Zoe helped me feel comfortable and safe throughout the entire process. During our series, not only were we able to work through the more recent issues, but we were able to responsibly connect with and heal some of the deeper traumas of my past that were still negatively affecting my body. I left the series feeling grounded, hopeful, and having gained access to my body in ways which hadn’t been possible in the past. I feel connected to my entire body now, which feels like a miracle. And a relief! I got my body back! The entire experience was truly transformational.

Zoe’s care and expertise were part of what made the work possible. She was careful, thoughtful, responsive, and her openness allowed for a more healing experience. She even reached out to me by email after the first few sessions to check in and I felt comfortable sharing the more vulnerable parts of the experience with her.

I would highly recommend the Biofield Immersion therapy if you have the desire to heal emotional wounds or traumas that are taking hold of your body. There is no way to be prepared for this work or its results – when they say it’s best understood through experience, they mean it. Being open to the process of experiencing things you don’t understand will help.

From the fresh flowers in the lobby and rooms, to the ease of booking or changing an appointment, to the ability to customize parts of my work to maximize healing, I felt the team at Synapse was ready to care for me exceptionally at every level possible. I had a great experience and felt very welcomed and cared for throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Synapse for a self-care day or for more serious bodywork needs.

Response from the owner

Thank you for sharing such heartfelt feedback with us, Arebeth. We are so lucky to have Zoe on the Synapse team. Her commitment to finding what works and following that path over the years has opened the door to wellness and healing for so many where we often times couldn’t find it before. We’re so glad you’ve experienced relief and such positive changes. We appreciate your taking the time to write such a glowing testimonial for Zoe, for our team, and even for the physical space we’ve created in our office.

With gratitude,
The Synapse Crew